About Us

Nilipie is a payments service that gives customers, both individuals and businesses, an opportunity to allocate money to those that depend on them and set Account Transactions limits of the dependents at any given time.

At Nilipie, we understand our customers and aim to relieve them of the frustrations they incur in performing financial transactions by providing a convenient, fast and secure platform to transact.

Nilipie provides a platform where customers can allocate money to all their beneficiaries at once, at a time and place of their convenience and their beneficiaries can also access the allocated money with ease and make payments.

At Nilipie, we go above and beyond simplifying customers transactions and offer more. Our customers can easily make payments for utilities and buy airtime from our platform.

At Nilipie, we assist our customers in tracking their expenditure by issuing them with financial statements at their request and they can now make better decisions to manage their money wisely.

We are committed to our customers and we ensure privacy of the information that they share with us.