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About Us

We offer our customers, both individuals and businesses, an all in one digital payments platform, where they can perform numerous transactions using their own money or other people’s money, accessed by phone whether a smart phone or feature phone.

How it works

You can allocate money to all those who depend on you financially at once and set limits on the amounts that the dependents can access at any given time. You can also transact within the platform and make payments.

Dependents can make payments using the allocated money or their own money within the platform.

You can keep track of how much your dependents consume from you by accessing your financial statements at your request and make better decisions on how to manage your money. Dependents can also track how much they consume from each of their benefactors.


Read what our customers said
about Nilipie.

I use the Nilipie App to allocate money to my people on the ground. My activities in the village still go on without unnecessary calls to send them money

Anonymous - Kenyan Politician

I use Nilipie to buy KPLC Tokens for my business and at home. I realized using Nilipie is easier than any other way because I receive my tokens immediately and I do not have to master the pay bill to make payments

Stella Wanyonyi - Salonist, Kenya

Whenever my Husband is away, I use Nisort to request him for money buy household items. All he has to do is to enter his Nilipie Pin wherever he is

Diana Akinyi - Housewife, Kenya

I use Nilipie to make payments on behalf of my boss. When he is busy in meetings, I don’t have to interrupt him.

Vicky Chebet - Personal Assistant, Kenya