Help & FAQs

What is Nilipie Payment Service?
  • Nilipie is a platform that enables customers to allocate money and make payments. The service is offered by Nilipie Payments Limited, a company duly registered in Kenya. Nilipie enables their customers to make payments in a convenient, fast and secure manner and they can keep track of their spending by viewing their financial statements.
  • The service is accessible through Nilipie’s USSD code, *463# or by downloading the Nilipie App on Google Play Store.
  • Transactions that our customers enjoy include the following;
    1. Pay bill
    2. Pay to a phone number
    3. Pay utility bill
    4. Transfers to phone numbers
    5. Purchase of Airtime
How is Nilipie Service accessed?
  • Nilipie service can be accessed on USSD *463# or by downloading the Nilipie app on Google Play store.
How do I register for Nilipie Account?
  • For you to registerfor a Nilipie account,
  1. Dial USSD *463#or you can download the Nilipie App from Google Play Store.
  2. Input your full Names
  3. Enter Id number
  4. Input a Four-digit Pin
  5. Confirm your details
Do I need to have a smart phone to use Nilipie Service?
  • You do not need to have a smartphone to access Nilipie service. Using Nilipie via USSD *436# is applicable to all phones, those with android smartphones can use the USSD and Nilipie Appavailable on Google Play Store to access Nilipie services.
How many Nilipie Accounts can I hold?
  • You can have two Nilipie accounts per ID number.
How many times can I use the Nilipie payments Service?
  • There is no limit as to how many times you can use Nilipie in a day.
What transactions can I complete using Nilipie payments Service?
  1. Paybill
  2. Sending money from Nilipieto aphone number.
  3. Pay forutilities using a pay bill number e.g. NWSS / KPLC / Go –TV.
  4. Buy Safaricom and Airtel Airtime either for your number or another phone number.
What are the Charges involved in Using Nilipie?
  1. Transfer to Mpesacharges
  2. Pay billcharges
  3. Pay Utility Billcharges.
  4. Dialing Nilipie Ussd codecharges
  5. Pay to phone numberscharges
What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can send using Nilipie Service?
  • The deposit limit on Nilipie is 100-70,000 per transaction. A maximum of 140,000 per day.