Our Services
Services that are offered on the platform include the following;

Allocating money to dependants
  • Users can allocate money to their dependants on the platform so that the dependants can easily and conveniently access the funds and utilize them.
  • Dependants can access the money allocated to them without the mdosi necessarily having to send them the money, if the mdosi has insufficient funds, the money can be pulled from Mpesa with the Mdosi’s approval.
  • How it works
  • A user adds their dependants under the watu wangu option, sets the amount that the dependants can access from him at any given time either daily, weekly or monthly and sets approval of the amount i.e whether the dependents need approval from the mdosi to access the funds or not.
  • When making payments, the dependent selects the account to use amongst his/her wadosi and then proceeds to make payments.
Sending money to a phone number
  • A user is able to send money from his Mdosi’s Nilipie or Mpesa account or his own Nilipie or Mpesa Account to a mobile money wallet.
  • How it works
  • A user can transfer money from her/his mdosi’s Nilipie account or their own Nilipie account to Mpesa, if the Nilipie accounts have insufficient funds, the money can be pulled from M-pesa, a STK pop up prompting the user/mdosi to enter their M-pesa pin appears on their screen.
  • The user can also choose to pull money from their Mdosi’s Mpesa or their own Mpesa account to another mpesa account through the platform.
Nilipie to Nilipie transfers
  • A Nilipie user can send money from his Nilipie account to another Nilipie account.
  • How it works
  • A Nilipie user can initiate a transfer of money from his own Nilipie Wallet to another user’s Nilipie Wallet.
Buy KPLC Tokens
  • Among the utilities that users can buy from Nilipie, is the Kenya Power prepaid Tokens. Customers buy tokens using funds from their own Nilipie wallet, from their wadosi or from Mpesa. They can also request other users to fund their purchase.
Purchase of Airtime
  • The Nilipie Customers can buy Airtime from the platform and earn a 4% commission of the airtime value bought. The customer can also recruit customers and earn 4% commission of the airtime value they buy from Nilipie. The customer can choose to withdraw the commission money to mpesa, buy airtime, buy KPLC Tokens or send to their own Nilipie wallet or to another Nilipie user.
  • How it works
  • Nilipie gives as commission, 4% of the value of airtime purchased to customers when the people they’ve added to their agency buy any network airtime from Nilipie platforms. The customers can also earn 4 % commission of the Airtime they buy.
  • The recruitment of commission recipients is two-way; agents can add customers from whom they will be earning the commission whenever the customers buy any network airtime from Nilipie. The customers can also add agents, who will earn the 4% commission every time the customer buys airtime.
Pocket Money or Standing Order payments
  • Nilipie Customers can set automatic payments to be disbursed to a specific user at a specific time daily, weekly or monthly.
  • This is ideal for recurring payments such as pocket money remittance, grocery shopping money remittance and Chama remittance.
  • How it works
  • A customer sets the details of the person to receive the standing order payment. The customer enters the number and name of the recipient then sets the frequency of the payment (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • The amount will be disbursed as in the recorded details.
Request Money from other Nilipie Users (Nisort)
  • This feature enables a customer to request money from a Nilipie user without necessarily being the other person’s dependent.
  • How it works
  • A Nilipie User initiates the request by selecting the type of Transaction to be funded then enters the number of the person who should fund the transaction and the amount. The amount is deducted from the financier’s Nilipie Wallet however, if the Nilipie account is insufficient it is deducted from Mpesa wallet.
  • Transaction request options available include the following;
  • 1. Nisort na Airtime
  • A customer can request a Nilipie user to fund their airtime purchase.
  • 2. Nisort na Pesa
  • A customer can request a Nilipie user to use their money to make payments to a mobile number wallet.
  • 3. Nisort na KPLC
  • A customer can request a Nilipie user to fund their KPLC Tokens purchase.
  • Any person can create and run a fundraiser/Harammbee and anyone wishing to make donations can easily view and contribute to verified fundraisers listed on the platform.
  • How it works
  • Anyone willing to fundraise for a specific purpose creates a fundraising campaign on the platform.
  • The fundraiser adds contributor(s) who will be able to send their donation to the fundraiser through the platform. She/he will be able to view other fundraisers running on the platform and be able to contribute to them.
  • The fundraisers can then withdraw the money to an account of their preference.