More how to Manual

To buy airtime
  • Dial USSD code *463#
  • Select Buy Airtime,
  • Select the mdosi’s account,
  • Select the payment of choice;
  • Select the self option to buy airtime for your phone, select someone else option to buy for another phone number,
  • Enter the amount,
  • Confirm transaction
  • Via the App
  • Select buy Airtime on the home page
  • Select the mdosi’s account to use,
  • Input phone number and amount,
  • Confirm.
To send money from Nilipie Account
  • Select Nilipie Payments,
  • Select the mdosi’s account to pay,
  • Select the payment Method
To Transfer money to another Nilipie Account
  • Select the Nilipie Payments option
  • Enter the mobile number to transfer to
  • Enter amount and confirm
To buy tokens on the App;
  • Select Buy Tokens
  • Enter the Meter number
  • Enter the amount
  • Confirm transaction
  • This feature enables a customer to request money from a Nilipie user without necessarily being the other person’s mtu wake.
  • A customer can;
    1. Nisort na Airtime
    2. Nisort na Pesa
    3. Nisort na KPLC
  • Nisort Airtime
  • Log onto the Nilipie app or Dial *463#
  • Select Nisort
  • Select Nisort Airtime
  • Enter the phone number to sort you
  • Enter the amount to be sorted
  • Confirm
  • Nisort Na Pesa
  • Select Nisort Na Pesa
  • Enter the Amount to sort you
  • Enter the amount to be sorted
  • Confirm
  • Nisort KPLC
  • Select Nisort na KPLC
  • Enter the Nilipie number to sort
  • Enter the meter number
  • Enter the amount you wish to be sorted
  • Confirm
  • Deposit
  • Buy Airtime
  • Airtime Commission
  • Buy Tokens
  • Nilipie Payments
  • Nisort
  • Issue Pocket Money
  • Approve Payments
  • Withdraw
  • My Account